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Updated by Jonathan Kaus. Last Updated: 05/18/1999 Hits since 04/30/1999:

05/18/1999 This time I did a little better. Not much though... (with updates I am talking)
Ok. I have just released the source to the e2emulator. I think some code is there for the gl version, but it certainly doesn't work worth a damn. Go to the files archives, the e2emu section and you will see it. You are welcome to modify it in any way you wish, but please send the mod source back to me to post it up here for everyone else. If anyone needs any help going through the source, send me an email at kaus@dh85.ticalc.org.
So, next on the agenda is to actually start work on the Boostrap and kernal for the actual OS. I will try and start soon. as soon as possible... :)
04/30/1999 Ok. Its been more than a month. The gl version of the e2 emulator is no further than before. Other things keep coming up. My girlfriend keeps taking up my time... but, I have an idea. As soon as I get the time, I am going to put up the source code for the emulator here on the site. Anyone with enough ambition to get the GL stuff working, or the mac version, or a linux version... etc... can do as they please. I can give help on the source interpretation (probably isn't too pretty! :)
And, as for the actual DHOS project, I will now try to devote at least some time each week to actaully programming that. Enough with the side stuff. :) The Bootstrap Loader will come first. This is going to be some more core level stuff on the Z80 TI-85, so it should be fun :) You can email me at kaus@dh85.ticalc.org.
03/07/1999 Good news. This site is now hosted at ticalc.org, at dh85.ticalc.org, so no more annoying little banner pop-ups and such. The angelfire site will soon be eliminated.
Also, I have people working on testing the Graphlink supports for the EII Emulator, so thats going well, although we havn't gotten very far yet. We are working on it :)
Alright, see ya around,
2/17/99 E2emulator Update. (32bit) No GL or non-PC support, and no Real EII support (transferring files to a real EII is planned) Go and get the file File Archives
I have overhauled the entire interface. Tell me what you think of it. Just email me. Read the file for more information on how to use it. I think its pretty cool, but others may not agree :) Don't worry, the windows version will be fully graphical when I do it. But, first I will attempt to get the Graphlink version working. Wish me luck!
2/11/99 I updated the E2emulator (32bit version) Still can't use GL, and still only on the PCs, but now you can save and restore virtual eii contents. Im working on a brand new version now. File Archives
Also, I think I finally have all the links working. If you find a bad one, email me at webmaster@dh85.ticalc.org
2/7/99 !MAJOR NEWS BREAK! First one of these in a while... HeHe. Wonderful news. A Beta Version of the E2 Emulator is now available!! Goto the File Archives now for the current test version.
10/16/98 I updated the File Archives section, the Relevant Links Section, and the Projects section. In the File Archives section, files that are hyperlinks are finished.  All other files are projects under development.
10/12/98 (+) Also note that in the old news, all the filenames are no longer hyperlinks.  This is because of the new way I have done the structure.   Find all documents in the document archive.  Also, any newly released docs will be hyperlinks in the news, as before.
10/12/1998 As you can see, I have redone this entire page.  It now uses less "modern" html.  That was done on purpose.  For simplicity's sake, in reading and updating.  Each place is completely different from the old setup, so check them all out. =)