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These lists contain the people that are working or are going to work on the DHOS project. In the General credits Section, other people who are not working on the actual project, but are related to it in some way, are listed.

In the DHAC section, each name is given with his AIM screenname. We use this system to talk to each other frequently, and you can get it at: It is free and does not demand AOL service.

I have not included the screennames for the other contibutors, but you can get all this information, and email address at: The DHOS Personel Page

DHAC Members
Jonathan Kaus Jedsmeny
Josh Morris DorkReMi
Greg Sharp BSharp81
Pat Gray PXGray
Matt Butch Hyperion8

Directly Involved
Matt Cooper
Mathew Bledsoe
Randy Frank
David Whittaker
Mikel Blanchard
Dan Hable
The Great Aardvark
Humberto Yeverino, Jr.

General Project Credits
The original ZShell Hackers Making and all ti programming in general, possible for us all!
The crew You guys are great.  You are everyone's center point.
Bryan Rittmeyer Hey, he made the E2.  and he is letting us use code for the TI side E2 driver. The EII emulator also uses some of his code.
A85 list persons Great comments on the original idea
Whoever wrote the linkport routines in Bryan's driver making interdevice communications possible
Whoever wrote the C link port routines for the PC and Mac making pc->calc communications possible
We'll think of more later. =-)