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This page has some various projects for DH85 that the team is working on currently or plan to start soon.   

Computer emulator for the E2!!

Ok. I am pretty much done with this thing. It works for the homemade links, but not the gl yet. I released the source for anyone that wants to try and enhance it or make it work. The exe is out too, for those of you who actually want to use the dang thing.

This program runs on your computer and allows your calculator to think your computer is the real E2!!  No Mod port, but it may emulate the mod port for certain devices, but i dont know right now yet.    It supports the E2 standard protocol (See the Protocol Document), and so any E2 compatible driver will work with it, including the finished DH85 programs and the original calculator Drivers by Bryan.  Works with all calculators that have a E2 driver, and only requires a standard GraphLink/Parallel Link/ Serial Link  connector. 

Easy to use.  It will be a simple program that you begin executing, and then forget about. 

Currently, I will make it a 32 bit PC 386+-compatible  program, with eventual support for 16bit machines, as low as the 8086/88.    These are pending my getting my 16bit compiler. 

A Macintosh (68K) program is also planned.  After I write the original program, I will put it into a Macintosh C program and contact someone with a Mac and Mac compiler to compile it.  It will then be released.

Definite progress on the 32bit PC version, it works great, but not on the GRAPHLINK connector. I am working on that with some testers. Anyone want to donate a GraphLink cable to me? hehe :)

Check the File Archives Page often to see when I finish (might be a little while).


The Bootstrap Loader for DHOS

This is part of the code for the actual DHOS system.  It will be the first part to be coded and tested.  We will begin writing this vital piece of code as soon as possible, as soon as we get some time.  Check out the Document Archive for information on how this program will work.